Beachbody Coach Round 2

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So, I have decided to once again become a coach. It’s been a couple of years since I gave up my coach status and ceased using Beachbody products. It wasn’t because I was dissatisfied with the quality or efficacy of the products, but due to the fact that I was traveling and constantly moving and didn’t have a “good” postal delivery address.

I was a pretty consistent consumer of both Shakeology and the P90X Results & Recovery formula.

I also used P90x, P90X2 and the various incarnations of the Insanity programs. All were very innovative and challenging. I always felt really “good” after these workouts.

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Cousins share a special relationship with each other. Shared memories.¬†Funny stories about growing up. Multiple parents raising a bunch of kids. Being comfortable in everyone’s homes and with everyone around you. Knowing each other for most or all of our lives. Those bonds are forever.

So this craziness happened in June, 2015. The stars aligned and many of us were able to converge on this island paradise.

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